Georgia Institute of Technology, 2010
Bacholors of Science in Industrial Design



partner & creative strategist
January 2017 - present

Designed and executed the creation of the company's brand. Applied the visual identity across all company assets, from presentation templates and print materials to emails and the company's website.

Writes and maintains a weekly newsletter of food industry news. Includes relevant business applications for current and potential clients, presented with a friendly and creative vibe to appeal to a broader audience.

Designed a visual identity system for a client's multi-day innovation session. Developed and executed all visual assets in preparation for the session, including inspiration boards, cards, stamps, worksheets, and booklets. At the session, led one of the teams on a food tour and facilitated group brainstorms. Compiled feedback from the session and designed a comprehensive set of infographics to help the client document the results.

Contributes original written, illustrated, and photographic content on a regular basis in order to grow the company's intellectual property.

Sugar & stamp

owner, illustrator & baker
january 2015 - present

Built a custom, personalized cookie delivery service from the ground up.

Developed a brand and communicated it across packaging, website, and print collateral. Maintained social media outlets and grew my customer and follower base through activity, content, collaborations and promotions.

Tested and developed over a dozen proprietary cookie recipes. Did all the baking in a commercial kitchen, maintaining quality standards across hundreds of batches and managing inventory.

Created custom hand-illustrated packaging based on customer-defined parameters. Assembled cookies, packaging, labels and cards into beautifully presented gift boxes.

Attended specialty craft fairs and events as a vendor, including Renegade Craft Fair and the opening of the Fairview 500 building in downtown Seattle.

Writes and illustrates original freelance content for websites, magazines and books. Have contributed to Eater Seattle, Slant'd Magazine, Food52, and Life & Thyme.


Oct 2012 - oct 2014

Started as a Junior Designer and, over the course of two years, steered my role into becoming Special Projects Designer. Helped grow the company's skill set to include illustration for meetings, installations, branding, and print.

Worked as the assigned designer to the culinary product development department of a major food brand. Helped the client make sense of disparate design elements throughout the planning stages of their new culinary innovation center. Secured my company as the vendor to design and build a guided tour installation in the new space, and designed core elements of its visual identity.

Created a layout and illustrations for an educational booklet for a nonprofit client. The goal of the booklet was to teach children in Cambodia about hand washing and personal hygiene, so the design of the book appealed to children with the intent of also engaging their families. The booklet was distributed in schools in Cambodia and has since been re-translated and introduced into surrounding countries.

Freelance Design & illustration

Oct 2013 - oct 2016


Applied graphic design experience and hand-drawn creative flair to a variety of digital and print projects.

Created artwork for a kids' storybook iOS app. Teamed up with the UI designers and developers to align art direction and graphics with the vision and design of the product. Also developed the app's logo and icon.

Designed and animated informational shorts for two tech startups in Atlanta, Georgia. Researched and implemented animation techniques to achieve the clients' visions.

Newell RUbbermaid

Industrial Design contractor
SEPT 2011 - March 2012

Worked with the product design teams for hair styling tools and culinary tools at Newell Rubbermaid.

Developed concept sketches and renderings for new product innovations. Created 3D models, working with engineers to ensure the designs met production specifications.