Making, illustrating,

designing, savoring,
crafting, adventuring,
and generally just living.

Me & my one true love.

Me & my one true love.


In a nutshell

I graduated from Georgia Institute of Technology with a Bachelor of Science in Industrial Design. I contracted for a year as an industrial designer at Newell Rubbermaid, then transitioned to graphic & communication design at Orange Sparkle Ball in Atlanta.

While working as a graphic designer, I fell in love with illustrating — and with baking yummy treats for my coworkers. One of our big clients being a major quick-service food company, I got to dive deep into the ins and outs of food business. When life relocated me to Seattle, I made the jump and kick-started my very own small-batch food business. Sugar & Stamp was my outlet for illustration, brand management, product design, and baking. Every piece of my multi-hyphenate creative life, rolled into one.

From food business ownership forward, I’ve embraced that the creative career is a journey with plenty of twists, turns, and pauses to enjoy the scenery. Thanks to all the fantastic people I got to work and connect with as a business owner, I’ve been able to write and illustrate for fantastic food media sources such as Eater Seattle, Food52, Life & Thyme, The Cleaver Quarterly, and Slant’d Magazine.

My highest goal — in developing the best-ever chocolate chip cookie, or in designing and delivering a beautiful product — is to bring people joy. It drives me to work the way I do, and it’s the spark that keeps me making.




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